Bella & Balou represents modern art and the unconditional love for animals. We want pet owners to relate with our mission and therefore enabling them to express their love for their pets in a minimalistic & modern way.

Moreover, every customers will experience the passion and effort that is put into every single portrait design. Therefore, we have the most talented artists in our team, who share our passion for animals.

Our artists are trained to capture your pet's unique characteristics and facial features, and to express their personality in the finished portrait. Thus, all prints are completely unique to you and aren't available anywhere else in the world. 

 Your pet is the reason why Bella&Balou was founded in the first place and we are very happy to hear and see all the positive feeback and reactions of our customers, especially the reaction of your pet. 

Therefore, it means everything for us if you would share the reaction of your pet or the recipient of the portrait, (with a simple photo, video or text) since these are the moments our team works for.

Your stories mean the absolute world to us.


Bella & Balou was founded as a hobby project based on animal love with a mission. On rainy days we love to visit museums of the arts or go for long walks since our dog loves to jump into puddles. We always wanted to connect these two activities but as we all know, dogs are not allowed in museums. Since then we started to create art for pets in order to have our own little art museum (in this case online, but maybe one day in real life) 


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